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I wrote this for you

I Wrote This For You - Iain Thomas, pleasefindthis, Jon Ellis

This book is also  based on poems also. The author was annonymous  which is really sad because i feel in love with the author words they way he made it seem only the person he wrote for it will understand. The poems are based on love. And how the author feels towards their love one and it also has a deep meaning behind every word and i actually like it. I would recomend this for anybody and this would probably be a good give to give a love one or significant other :)

milk and honey - rupi kaur

"Milk and honey" by Rupi Kaur is about poetry. The poems is based on Love,feminism and heartbreaks and their results. I really liked this book because behind all the poems ,there's meaning behind all of it. The poems made me sit and think back and think about the real meaning behind it.  This book was short yet very affected, well in my experience. I recommend people this book who likes poetry or loves reading in general.

Assholes: A Theory - Aaron James

this book by aaron james is about the a question that im pretty sure everybody has thought about "what is an asshole?". Aaron james answers this question with expirence and sharing his opinion about asshole. andn i like this book because its diffrent from any other book i read in the past. it has alot of humor in it and i can barley find any books like that. The answer for the question is that thres many deffinition to an asshole, you can find them in the streets,home,work,even going grocery shopping and aaron tells many expirence he had i this book. overal this book is really great and its was funny reading this.(: